Friday, 21 December 2012

Patents Court judges: updated list for England and Wales

Anyone litigating patents in England and Wales may want to take a quick look at the recently-revised list of Patents Court judges below, culled from the Patents Court Guide. The list, updated earlier this month, now includes Mr Justice Roth.

In full, the roll-call runs like this:
Mann J (Clerk: Susan Woolley - tel 020 7947 7964;

Warren J (Clerk: Elizabeth Collum - tel 020 7947 7260;

Morgan J (Clerk: Heather Watson - tel 020 7947 6419;

Norris J (Clerk Emma Patrick - tel 020 7073 1728;

Floyd J [Judge in charge of the Patents Court] (Clerk: Alison Hall - tel 020 7073 1740;

Arnold J (Clerk: Alison Lee - tel 020 7073 1789;

Roth J (Clerk: Chris Ellis - tel 020 7947 6589;

Vos J (Clerk: Robin Cliffe - tel 020 7947 7606;
Some of the judges listed above are genuine members of the IP community, having practised at the patent bar and possessing something of a science background.  Some of the others have come to IP relatively late in life and, however good their judgments may be, have remained regrettably aloof from the wonderful world of IP.  This blogger hopes that eventually their reticence will evaporate.

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